Create a New Language Package

Languages files are located in resources/lang directory.

Language files

File Description
admin.php Administration panel.
auth.php Authentication system (i.e.: Login, Registration, Forgot Password, etc).
error.php General errors messages.
features.php Plan’s features.
frontend.php Frontend interface (public).
general.php General text lines.
installer.php Installation system.
mailer.php Email messages.
pagination.php Pagination system.
passwords.php Password reset system.
payment.php Payment system.
requirements.php Script requirements.
validation.php Form validation messages and input names.
payment/methods/paypal_billing_agreement.php PayPal Billing Agreement Method translation file.

Add New Language

  • Copy the “en” or “es” directory and rename it to the new language code (ISO 639-1).

  • Open each language file and translate all text.

  • Activate Language
    • Open config/translatable.php config file, on line 13 add the new locale.
    • Open config/js-localization.php config file, on line 11 add the new locale.
    • Open config/laravellocalization.php config file, look for the new locale and uncomment (remove //).