Release Notes


Carefully read and follow the current (v1.3.0) release notes before updating your application.


Update Selected Files

  • From CodeCanyon download, copy the following files to the appropriate location in your application directory:
    • bootstrap/app.php (modified)
    • bootstrap/constants.php (new file)
    • config/app.php (modified)
    • config/auth.php (modified)
    • config/sitemap.php (new file)
    • config/theme.php (new file)

Themes / Views

  • All views were moved to resources/themes/ under their respective theme, same goes for assets (moved to public/assets/themes/), any change made to view or asset files will not be applied after update; if you want to keep your changes, consider extending the base theme.

  • You can remove following directories/files from your application:
    • resources/views/account
    • resources/views/administration
    • resources/views/billing
    • resources/views/emails
    • resources/views/home.blade.php
    • resources/views/layouts
    • resources/views/messages
    • resources/views/pages
    • resources/views/pricing
    • resources/views/search
    • resources/views/users


If you plan to enable (or you’re already using) Search Alerts emails, please configure a dedicated email service that can handle batch emails. SMTP will not work.