Frontend file list

File Description
account/home Main user’s account page.
account/profile Form to update user’s account details.
account/change_password Form to change user’s account password.
account/delete_account Form to delete user’s account.
account/verification Form to submit a verification request.
account/activation Section to activate account and/or resend activation email.
billing/index Main page for billing section. Acts as an “Overview” page.
billing/change_plan Change user’s subscription plan.
home The homepage of the website.
installer/setup Script installer.
listings/index Main page for user’s listings. List all user’s listings.
listings/create Form to create a listing.
listings/show The listing page.
listings/edit Form to edit a listing.
messages/index Main page for user’s messages. List all user’s messages.
messages/show Show a message thread.
pages/show Shows a static page.
payments/history User’s payment history.
pricing/index List available plans.
payments/print Printable payment receipt.
search_alerts/index User’s search alerts.
search/index Search page.
system/update Script update page.
users/profile Public user’s profile.