Memory Allocated Exception, Memory Exhausted

PHP is running out of its designated memory, to solve this you may want to update your php.ini config file and set memory_limit to 256M or higher.


  • It’s possible that the shorthand “MB” doesn’t work, in that case try using “M”.
  • Keep in mind that the value set to memory_limit shouldn’t be greater than the server’s memory.

PayPal plan for plan [{id}] not created.

You’re trying to create a subscription (or payment) with a plan that hasn’t been created with PayPal. To confirm this, on your Junker Admin Panel, go to Plans > [select plan], in the “Gateways” table (at the bottom of the page) should be something like:

Gateway Reference ID
paypal [paypal reference id]

If this isn’t the case (there’s no record related to PayPal), the plan hasn’t been created with PayPal.

Junker Version Solution
v1.0.4 to v1.1.0 Delete the plan and create a new one. The Plan should be created with PayPal automatically and a new record added to the Plan’s Gateways table.
v1.3.0 and newer Click on “Sync with Gateways” or similar depending on your theme and UI language.

If there’s no record related to PayPal on the Gateways table after applying the appropriate solution, check your PayPal Configuration.

Swift_TransportException in StreamBuffer.php

Mail configuration not configured properly or not configured. How to configure SMTP, Mailgun or others.