Update Junker


It is strongly recommended to backup the database, this process may perform changes to the data or the structure of the database.

What happens to the changes I’ve made?

Changes to the code (views, language files, config files, etc) will be override by this process. If you want to keep thouse changes, backup your application, apply the update and then apply the necessary changes.



Make sure to follow any special instruction provided to you by the developer. This apply to custom installations due to server limitations.

Step 1 - Release Notes

Read Release notes for this release (v1.3.0)

Step 2 - Preparing Update Files

Remove the following directories and/or files from CodeCanyon’s Downloaded Update Files:

  • config/

Step 3 - Update Your Application’s Files

Copy the content of the junker directory to your application directory. All files and directories should be override and merged respectively.

Remove or rename the installer.flag file on the root of your junker installation.

Step 4 - Update Database And Clear Cache

Go to your app url, Junker should know that there’s a new version and will redirect you to the update section, hit the Update button and wait...

If for any reason the process fail you could try again or do it manually.